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I have been blessed to have coached hundreds of athletes through the years from 8 to 18. I relish the opportunity to sow into the lives of young men and women as we are facing very polarizing times where young people are seeking guidance to become the honorable and forthright husbands, mothers, spouses and leaders of tomorrow.

My own life was heavily impacted by coaches.  Whether it was the tobacco chewing Coach Shellnut, the comical and memorable Coach Paschall, the spiritual mentor Coach Helm or the demanding and loving Coach Golemon (my father).  Each of these men haunt me in a good way pushing me to be a better leader and man of God.

I am honored to be called Coach and place it third to the titles of husband and father. Cynthia and I have six children (three boys and three girls) and live in Bastrop, Texas.  

Coach G has been the head coach of five TAIAO State Title teams and twice recognized by Dave Campbell's Texas Football for his coaching achievements.

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