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State Title Game






FEAST entered having been in the DI state title nine of the past ten seasons. Tribe had never beaten FEAST in varsity football but our Junior High had just beat them by 2 points a week earlier.  The game plan changed as Coach Grant took over all the offense and defensive play calls from the sideline.  We took a 29-8 lead into the half time but in the second half Lake went down with cramps and our defense was on its heels giving up 16 unanswered points on four offensive plays. Thanks to pickle juice in the concession stand, Lake was able to rejoin the team and everyone was able to right the ship in the 4th quarter when the score was 42-40.  Our Achilles heel was the inability to make extra points as Grant had been the snapper all season.  In the end, the 8 points we usually had on extra points were not needed as we pulled ahead on strong running from Osborn (164 yards) and Esteban (177 yards). If you are going to be one dimensional, its best to be so with the run game!  

Game Statistics and Film

Game Statistics


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