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June 11, 2019

I have been a fan of the Shark Tank series for years as it is one of the few shows our family enjoys watching together (outside of game film of course). I really don't have a favorite Shark until this week when I met Damon John and was blessed to hear him speak.


His topic was not biblical but his life story encapsulates many biblical principles as do his two books . In both books, The Power of Broke and Rise and Grind, Damon spoke of the amazingly long hours of sewing the hats which he would sell on the Compton streets. He preached the principles of extreme ownership which includes getting up each day with purpose and working hard toward a goal. He testified to getting knocked down again and but always getting back up. He stressed how being broke or facing bankruptcy throughout his career is what propelled him to success.  He saw no truth in the adage it takes money to make money.


He left the room with his  S.H.A.R.K principles:

"S"  Set a goal. He stresses the need to set goals 3mo, 1yr, 5yr and 10yr. 


"H" Do your homework. Be a student of all that you do.  Don't blame others for your own inability to take the time to inspect what your are expecting.


"A" Amor or love those around you in pursuit of your goals.  You are not getting anywhere being a jerk and taking all the credit. 


"R" Always remember you are the brand. People invest in your character and not your ideas, bank account or wealth. Take the time to be honest, trustworthy, loyal and caring.


"K" Keep swimming. Never give up. Take what life has to offer and then keep on swimming.




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