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Unreasonable Ideas

Every season, I receive an email from Dave Campbell's Texas Football and it asks me to rank where our team and others will be at the end of the season. I remember getting this email for the first time as the head coach of the varsity team.

I took over after a very senior team had lost in the state title game and with only one senior and two juniors left on the roster. I boldly proclaimed we would finish first and win the state title. I am sure the folks at DCTF thought I was crazy (along with my coaching peers) because we entered the season ranked 5th in our conference.

Every extraordinary achievement started out as an unreasonable idea. When President Kennedy suggested we would put a man on the moon inside a decade he was called out for being unreasonable.

When Martin Luther King painted a picture which would lead to a black man becoming president he was certainly being unreasonable. Recently, I visited with Coach Benavidez at Avila College and he predicted winning the conference after only the first winning season in the program's twenty years of playing football. Unreasonable?

Miracles are by definition unreasonable. The suspension of the laws of nature whereby super-natural occurrences take place are found throughout be it the parting of the sea, living inside a large fish, calming of the sea of Galilee, or most amazingly the resurrection of the dead.

We often pray to God for assistance and many of these prayers are unreasonable; however, we know that through faith in God the reasonableness can be overcomed.

So, how did that first season go? We lost three of the first four games before running off a nine game winning streak which resulted in the program's second state title. I am sure there were many who questioned the boldness of my unreasonable prediction at the beginning of the season; however, nothing great was ever achieved by listening to those who are reasonable.

Be unreasonable in the pursuit of your goals and passions and when you pray be bold and through faith know there is nothing righteous you can ask of our God that is unreasonable.

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