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Keep it 100

I was getting prepared for the upcoming football season and in the process of scheduling came across a Dave Campbell's link in a coach's message board to an interview with Coach Crawford of Abbott. Coach Abbott is an exceptionally good coach who for many years had the moniker of being the best six man coach who had not won a state title.

This was something that was alleviated in 2015 with an upset win in the UIL D1 title game. What I liked about the interview was Coach Crawford's honesty and willingness to speak truth over platitudes and his "keeping it 100".

Coach was asked whether his star running back who had a great title game was deserving of the MVP for the game. He could have used coach speak and said there were many deserving players or some other deflection as to who he felt was the greatest impact player in the game.

Instead, Coach Crawford stated his belief that his quarterback had the greatest impact because of his ability to throw the ball when the defense was stacking the line against the run game. Coach knew the knock on his team was they could not throw the football and his Q stepped up and made the crucial throws needed to open up the run lanes. This was an honest answer and "keeping it 100".

Jesus was sent to walk among us and nobody who has walked the earth has kept it truly 100 before or after Christ. In John, Jesus said,

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

God's word, as presented through Christ and the Bible, is the ultimate truth. If in doubt as to what path you should take then follow the truth as defined by God. When Jesus overturned the tables of the tax collectors he was keeping it 100, when he confronted the crowds that wanted him stoned, he was keeping it 100 and when he was crucified for our transgressions he was keeping it 100.

Keeping it 100 is about being honest in all that we do and say. Coaches often use the phrase of asking athletes to give 100% effort. What we should be asking is that our athletes give 100% in all that they do and this especially includes what comes out of their mouths.

We need to be willing to speak the truth and not let those who speak falsehoods go unchecked. In a culture where young people are being encouraged to stay silent if they are not willing to speak truth, we need to encourage them to keep it 100.

Coach Crawford has provided me with a new phrase which I will begin to work into my mentoring of athletes. We need more people willing to keep it 100. We need to stand up and speak God's truths and not let others define the truth by a standard which is not divine. We all need to do our part and when given the chance, Keep it 100!

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