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Weak men can't be virtuous

Football is an extremely physical sport where physical, violent action, and courage are a requisite. Any coach will tell you, being afraid or timid on a football field will significantly increase your chances of getting hurt.

Even the pregame is a ritual to intimidate an opponent. We practice our pre-game because we recognize there are advantages we can gain in the mental game before the collisions take place on the field.

You want to take the field and exhibit strength and then carry that same courage, grit and determination throughout the game. Weakness will not be rewarded on a football field nor will it be rewarded in life.

Sin enters our life through temptation. We are tempted to do what is wrong from something as simple as not eating right onward to actions which harm others like not honoring them with our words and deeds.

It is human nature to be selfish and to not do what is in the interest of others. As the father of a two year old, it is very evident each day what is the nature of man! There is little more selfish and self absorbed than a two year old child and it is through constant instruction whereby we train them to be God fearing and loving contributors to society.

It takes significant effort and courage to do what is right in the face of our own selfish desires. If you are a weak willed individual, you can let the sins of the majority warp your own conscience so that you will sit by and watch as your neighbor is marched off to a concentration camp for their ethnic heritage.

This might sound extreme; however, one should never underestimate how difficult it can be to do the right thing in the presence of the majority.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus tells us

"blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

I have often wondered how being meek (which I interpreted as being weak) would be the path to defeating evil.

It was through a more intense study of the Greek word that one realizes "meek" is not a good translation. A more appropriate understanding would be a person who carries a sword and has learned how to keep it in its scabbard.

I like this interpretation. This is the gentleman warrior who knows he has prepared himself to do battle but elects not to engage unless there is no other option.

Under this definition, one prepares themselves daily to do battle against temptation and the enemy who seeks to destroy that which is good. You stand ready to wield the Armour of God but are "meek" in your discernment and application.

Prepare yourself to take on like the same way you prepare to take the playing field on game day. Realize you can not be timid, you must be prepared, you have to embrace courage and your opponent will capitalize on your weaknesses if you let them.

The Lord is a strong tower and when we run with him we will be safe. So, put on the Armour of God daily and be a man with whom nobody wants to reckon.

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