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Defending the Cut Block

Over the years, the cut block and its legality have changed in football. It is important to remember that rules are written for 11 Man football (not sixman). However, they are to also to be applied and enforced in sixman.

The result of multiple rule changes has led to a wide variety of enforcement. We have run across officiating crews where any block below the waist is flagged to others where blocks outside the tackle box are not flagged. I will leave out of this post any commentary on officiating and assume that in all occassions the defensive player needs to shed the block and do his job.

Here are the coaching points that we try to get across to our players and are addressed in the video:

  • The defender must deal with the blocker before you entertain the runner

  • The defender's eyes must stay with the cut blocker until you are assured his block has been negated

  • The defender's hands are optimally on the back of his helmet and lead shoulder

  • The defender needs to force him into the ground and then step back to avoid the roll

  • Defender can NOT swat at the blocker.. he must give ground!

  • DE need to maintain their edge throughout the block


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