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Grace Academy falls to NYOS in second half.

Grace Academy lost a hard fought battle to the NYOS Jaguars at home 44 - 0 as they move to 0 -3 on the season while the Jaguars moved to 2-1.

While the score was lopsided in the end, the first half gave the impression that it was going to be a battle to the end as the halftime score was 6-0. Neither team could generate much offensively and NYOS drives were stopped by busted plays and pressure from the Griffin defense.

Caleb McGahey once again led the Griffins with 11 tackles and eight of them in the first half. However, Grace did not have the stamina to stay with the Jaguars as they rolled up 225 of their 372 yards of offense in the second half.

Grace was only able to muster 95 yards of total offense in the second half and 172 for the game. The Jaguars front four were able to apply enough run pressure allowing them to keep two back for pass defense for most of the game. The Griffins were 1-5 on passes or only 11 yards. McGahey led the team with 68 yards rushing on 8 carries but the team averaged only 4 yards a carry for the night.

The most surprising stat of the night was NYOS ability to conver on 67% of their third and fourth downs to extend drives while Grace was only 1 for 11. Unable to convert on manageable fourth downs prevented the Griffins from extending drives and getting on the board.

Despite having lost the first three games, the Griffins are playing much better football as the teams they are facing become more difficult. Next, week the Griffins will face the Leander Sterling Classical who is also in their innaugeral season. The Griffins will be looking for the victory that has so far alluded them this season and they hope to be welcoming back two players who have been missing the past two weeks.


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