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Grace could not overcome self-inflicted wounds

Grace Academy squared off in a district game against St. Paul's Preperatory Academy Friday night and were unable to overcome a number of mistakes as the Griffins had 6 turnovers in just over two quarters of play before the game was called halfway through the third quarter due to the mercy rule.

The Griffins had either a fumble, interception or lost yardage due to mishandled snaps on 10 out of 36 total offensive plays. Unable to move the football and giving St. Paul's a short field most of the night led to a very ugly 58-8 loss.

It was not much better on the defensive side of the football as the Grifins allowed St. Paul's to score on all but one drive on the night. Grace had its lowest number of tackles for the year and walked away realizing they had not put forth their best effort.


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