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Recap State Finals: Tribe 78 v FEAST 32

This was a rematch from the previous season where Tribe defeated FEAST for the first time in the program's history. FEAST started all but one senior on both sides of the ball and had beaten Veritas and taken Richland Springs deep into the 4th quarter. Tribe entered the game #10 in the state and a heavy 45 point favorite. Tribe took a 16 - 0 lead but then two turnovers and some sloppy pass defense led to the Patriots scoring on 4 pass plays and a 32 - 32 tie at halftime. In the second half, Tribe stopped the initial Feast drive with a 4 and out and then proceeded to score on every possession but one. The turnover tide shifted toward the Warriors and with three interceptions and a pic six the game ended with just under three minutes remaining by mercy rule 78 - 32. Strong running from Osborn (226 yards. 6 TDs) and balanced passing from Golemon (196 yards, 10-14 2 TDs) led the way offensively. The balanced attack was too much for the Patriots as they could not get a running game going with only 70 yards rushing and almost all in the first half.


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