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Three Man Rabbit with two blockers

When we rep our rabbit drill with two blockers we line up two defensive ends and one linebacker. The mechanics of the rabbit drill are the runside DE setting the edge, the LB mirroring the RB and the backside DE closing.

In most instances the two blockers will target the playside DE and the LB. If the players work together they should slow the runner and force him back to the trailing DE.

Here are the coaching points to go with the video:

  • Toss the ball directly to the RB to speed up the play.

  • Toss the ball to the upback if your defenders are less experienced players.

  • Encourage your blockers to hook the playside DE if they get the chance.

  • Watch for "Peeking" from the playside DE and the LB who is mirroring the RB. Neither player can commit to making a tackle. They need to concentrate on sending the RB back to the trailing DE.

  • Encourage patience in this drill. The goal is to make the tackle at or just behind the line of scrimmage.

  • Stress teamwork. It all falls apart if you don't play to the speed of the slowest defender.

  • In the spring we mix up the experience and speed of players for teaching effects.

  • In the fall we try to keep the defenders who will be playing together in their defense groups.


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