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Two Man Rabbit

The Rabbit Drill is out most repped defensive drill. In this post, we are going through some detail on what we call Two Man Rabbit. What we are emulating with this drill is the process of rushing the spread back who has no blockers. One should never beat two in sixman.

The coaching points of this drill are as follows:

  • Defensive players must work together. One can not rush up the field faster than the other.

  • Defensive players must break down well before getting to the spreadback (SB)

  • Defensive players should advance when the SB lifts his eyes to pass.

  • Defensive players goal is to not let the SB get outside of them and turn the SB inside to the other tackler.

  • Size of defender does not matter! The video shows a 240 lb defender outperforming his 150 lb teammates.

  • Stress good footwork. No crossing over your feet.

  • Stress staying in position and not guessing which way the SB will run. Play the SB not your thoughts on where he should go.


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