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What repeats is worth getting right

As a team we spend countless hours going through the same routine drills over and over. These drills focus on the basics of blocking, tackling, ball security, hand position and other critical factors of the game.

The same drills we start in junior high are continued throughout our varsity program. They are repped so as to become second nature. We want to form good habits because they are just as hard to break as bad habits.

Many of these drills are so fundamental that they are practiced from pee-wee football all the way through the NFL. Success is often preconditioned on the ability to execute on the basics.

In his book beyond order Jordan Peterson states, "Life is what repeats, and it is what repeats which is worth getting right." This truism is often overlooked as people tend to by-pass the foundational elements of personal growth. They want to fly without fully developed wings or the knowledge of how to flap them!

Just like in a football game, there are fundamental elements of life which repeat, and to have success, they must be emulated and repeated correctly.

As Christians, we know these fundamental elements to be the truths which have been espoused in the Bible and form the basis of our relationship with God.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

We should all seek to be victorious in the game of life just as we do in sports. To this end, we should reply upon the fundamentals or "the truths" which God calls us to seek out and implore. Start with the Ten Commandments and each day ask yourself, "Do I have other Gods I am serving?" "Are my actions born out of love for others?" and so on.

The only way for us to be set free from sin, fear, hatred and other soul sucking traits is identifying a need for a savior and accepting Jesus Christ as our intermediary between us and God. To “know the truth,” is to live out his teachings and become his disciple.

Each day, rep these biblical truths so others will see them in your life and you can become God's hands and feet on earth. Likewise, in all you endeavor to do, find those basic elements which produce success, incorporate them into your game plan, and then practice them often.


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